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Posted March 16, 2018Comments are off | Life

5 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Happiness

Being happy might not be as difficult as you think and, like many other things in life, it requires just a bit of time to make it a daily occurrence. All you have to do is to build a healthy routine. Read on to find out more!

Don’t let stress take over yourself

Being overwhelmed and stressed out is way too common these days. But there are solutions for it and they are not as difficult as they seem. You are not making this change only for your happiness, but also for your health.

How to do it: identify the stressors and if they are determined by the way you manage them, then accept it and change this. If they are created by external factors, try as much as you can to eliminate them. Make a list of stressors from the most difficult to cope with to the easiest. Then start to eliminate them one by one or learn how to deal with the internal stressors. Take your time and you will get there.

Also, the next points will not only charge your happiness, but they will help you reduce stress.


Most of the time, what blocks our development and happiness is the perspective we have on our experiences. A change of perspective also requires a mental exercise, but once it’s done periodically, it becomes addictive.

How to do it:

  • Practice gratitude – what happens most of the times is that we rush through life and we do not take enough time to enjoy it. Therefore, stop rushing and take a moment to appreciate what you have in life. Say thank you and smile. Give yourself the opportunity to watch the birds flying, if this relaxes you. You have a very big list of such exercises
  • Meditation – it is the best tool to take control of your feelings and thoughts, as it helps you stay anchored in the present. A simple exercise is to focus on your breath; if your mind starts wandering, take a pause and then refocus on your breath.

Make time for what you like

We all talk about work-life balance, but how many of us practice what we preach?  It is mandatory to make time for ourselves in order to avoid burnouts and to preserve our mental health.

How to do it: dedicate at least half an hour for whatever you like, from watching a movie, playing with the kids/siblings/pets, listening to music, gardening and the list can continue endlessly.

Healthy habits

Our mood is influenced by the lack of sleep or by a poor diet. Sleeping the necessary amount of time that your body requires will keep you away from diseases and stress. And the lack of certain vitamins or minerals from your diet can also decide the status of your mental health. Take the example of B6 vitamin deficiency that can lead to depression or nervousness.

Sport is equally important as sleep and diet. This activity is a well-known stress reliever that boosts your self-confidence and keeps you away from major chronic illnesses.

Social interactions

Do you remember that nice gesture that a stranger made for you and that totally changed your mood and day? Positive social interaction makes us happier, as we feel that we are part of the community.

Moreover, friends and family can act as stress relievers when they listen to us and give us the needed support; they also help us enjoy life more.

As you can see, it all depends on your daily choices. It may not seem extremely simple at the beginning, which is understandable. Bad habits die hard. Just remember that you decide your future and your mood!


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