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Posted June 21, 2018Comments are off | Life

8 of the Best Motivational Speeches of All Time

If you feel down or you need just a bit of encouragement, then this article is for you. The following speeches can be the solution to your demotivation. They are powerful speeches and they are even more valuable because they come from personal experiences.

Apollos Hester

His speeches are going to pump you up pretty fast. This particular speech is a good reminder why you should never give up, and that everything depends on your attitude towards a certain situation. When you’re face to face with failure, you are the only one to decide if you are letting it win or not. If you truly believe in yourself, you will get the desired result.

Roger Federer

Another great speech comes from Roger Federer. Similar to Apollos’ speech, he underlines the importance of mentality and attitude. An especially good point that he makes is that focusing on improving your weaknesses makes you an overall good player. At the same time, improving the strengths makes you a dangerous player. This strategy could also be applied when looking for a job and at the workplace.

Janine Shepard

She gives another example that changing ‘why me’ into ‘why not me’ is a decisive factor for your well-being. She put all the effort to get to the Olympics when she had a car accident that reshaped her views about life and her career possibilities. She demonstrates that an unfortunate life event must not be considered a tragedy.

Jack Ma

The story of Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, follows the same rule – the ‘I can do it’ approach. He considers that the first step in achieving success is to not complain and to always empower and respect others. As learned from many other success stories, he believed in his idea no matter how crazy other people thought it was.

J.K. Rowling

She presents her thorny road from her graduate years to the moment she became a writer in a speech about failure and imagination. She considers failure to be inevitable, a source of inspiration and an opportunity to find the strengths of one’s life. Imagination, as she points out, is what is needed to innovate and to empathize with others.

Lisa Nicholas

She delivers a very beautiful speech about how to start loving yourself again after being abused and mistreated. She gives her story as an example of what you should pay attention to, and more importantly, how you can heal your mind and soul.

Ashley Graham

Model Ashley Graham emphasizes the need to love ourselves despite what others think, as we are more than our bodies. As she beautifully points out, we should be our “favorite” kind of person and not let ourselves be constrained by society’s standards.

Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari shows that only if you start loving yourself and you do not let fears take over yourself, you can have the happy life that you deserve. At the same time, your path to success will start building itself almost involuntarily. For a long time, she made the choice to please the others and not listen to her own wishes. She proves that being courageous and getting out of the comfort zone can be the key to success and happiness.

Final Thoughts

Help your mind and soul to find the needed motivation and inspiration, because you deserve to be happy.

Do not doubt yourself and do not put yourself down. You have the key to your success and happiness. Just remember that if you treat failure as your friend, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.


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