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Posted May 23, 2018Comments are off | Life

This Is What You Should Do When Your Motivation Is Gone

Do not panic if your motivation is gone. This is normal, and it happens from time to time. In fact, it is a good sign that you have to relax your mind and breathe in and out. After that, you can inspire yourself from this list with tricks that summon motivation from its magical realm.

Just do it!

Think of one moment when you didn’t have the motivation to do something, but you were forced by circumstance to do it.

For instance, that Sunday morning after an extremely tiring week when you just felt like your body was glued to the bed. After one or maybe two hours, your phone suddenly rang. Your aunt, that strict aunt obsessed with cleaning said that she is around the corner and she was going to pay you a visit in less than 5 minutes. Strangely enough, she is too adorable to say no to or to kick out. In how many seconds was your bed made? Two?

Think of other similar situations and you will notice that your motivation has always come back to you when you haven’t overanalyzed its absence. If you have to write an essay, do not think that it is too long or that you have to read too many books. Make a plan, and just start writing it.

If you are not ‘just doing it’, I am going to tell Shia LaBeouf.

Inspirational videos, books, quotes or music

They exist to revive your motivation or to recharge it. Whenever you feel down or demotivated, you should try this remedy. Mixed with the previous point, it can take you a long way. We can also add to this category all the other types of art infused with positivity that can relax you and change your perspective and mood.

Reflect on “why motivation is gone”

Sometimes, lack of motivation can be triggered by a thought or experience that you overanalyzed enough to affect your confidence.

For example, you had an interview where you didn’t remember the answer to a question and even now you put yourself down for it, thinking that you embarrassed yourself in front of the employer. You think about this moment again and again until you start believing that you are always going to fail. So, whenever you are given the chance to go again to an interview, you will subconsciously sabotage yourself.

All you have to remember is that every experience is a resource, no matter how good or bad it is. Don’t overthink past situations and work harder to prove to yourself and the others that those mistakes don’t represent you.

Surround yourself with motivators

The pressure that others can exert on us can make us more active and willing to do what we have to do. Think about having the same task at home and at work. For sure you are more efficient and motivated at work. One reason will be related to money, but the other is represented by the people you are working with, as work is a competitive environment.

Also, if you know that external motivation works the best in your case, a little support group can be exactly what you need. You can create your own rules or a system to generate motivation. You can do the task together and, this way, it may seem easier to accomplish it. When you surround yourself with the right people, they will push you forward without you even noticing it.

We hope that all the above tips will be helpful for you. Motivation is definitely elusive if you do not try these tricks, but once you practice them every day, you will be its master.


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